Never been to the USA part 4

After a 4 hour drive from the Hoover Dam and a stop off at a good authentic bikers Diner on Route 66 near Kingman we reach the entrance to the Grand Canyon South Rim.


I desperately wanted to see the Canyon at sunset and believe me the sun was setting fast and we were still not there.


We had to stop and take a picture of this Moose….


We followed all the other cars which looked like they too were looking for ‘the view’. Parked up and walked a short distance and nearly fell off the edge… In front of us was the most breathtaking view I have ever seen in my entire life. The photo above does not do it justice.


Wind blown and sunkissed we arrive at dusk. img_1119-edited

Our hotel the Grand Canyon Grand Hotel  was just a short drive from the entrance to the South Rim. We showered and went for a lovely evening meal ( steak and chips).iphone-792

We planned on getting up at the crack of dawn to experience the amazing sunrise that would surely happen in this magical place …. But that didn’t happen, the bed was far too comfortable and I just can’t do mornings. So we leisurely got up had breakfast and decided to drive the short distance to the North Rim only to realise that it is a short distance straight across from South to North…. but in a car you need to go around it! So we gave up as we reached the east side of the Canyon and drove all the way back to the South Rim and  hopped on a Helicopter to take us there. Biagio solution to the problem. Easy!img_1183



Looking at the picture above I still can feel the sensation of the wonderful sound of silence. There was no sound at all, we whispered to each other so that we wouldn’t disturb the silence. The sound of the camera’s shutter was the only sound that could be heard  reverberating as each picture was taken momentarily disturbing the peace.



I wish we had stayed another day…. I would have loved to have hiked down to the Rio Grande . I do hope to return to this magical land. Back to the car we go, checked that we have everything, set the sat nav…. LA here we come but first a stop overnight in Barstow on Route 66. Barstow is a small town just off the Mojave  Desert  a little oasi after many miles crossing the desert.dsc_0425



We spent the night in this quirky Motel. Route 66 Motel. We were upgrade to the super king size round bed and we had the best sleep ever! img_1202

Breakfast at Deny’s and I only managed to eat a little pancake!


Next stop Los Angeles…..

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