Never Been to the USA part 6

San Simeon 4 hours drive from Santa Monica following the scenic route 1. We pass Malibu and Santa Barbara, how I wish we could stop and take a look at these lovely places, but we have booked a tour of William Randolf Hearst’s Castle and I really didn’t want to miss our tour slot.


Such a stunning building with so many fabulous antiques. It reminds me of an opulent Riviera Villa with a Spanish influence.


Our guide.



By the time we finished the tours of the grand room and the upper suites and the gardens we were exhausted so headed back to  San Simeon Lodge where we were spending the night.DSC_0659

Back in the 30’s Mr Hearst built a private zoo he had polar bears lions and tigers. When he died the animals were sold to the various zoos in the US, with the exception of the zebras. They were set free.

It is said that they have thrived and you can come across them in the surrounding land.

I didn’t see any……

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