Never been to the USA part 2

After 10 hours and 45 minutes we landed at McCarran International airport. We stumbled out of out the airport and into a cab…. baggage retrieval and customs was that quick! No queues, I like it here already. Our hotel ( if you can call it that ) was the Linq Hotel on ‘The Strip’. Boy was it huge!!! I was blown away by the giantness hugeness enormousness of the place. Then jet lag hits me like a speeding freight train and Biagio has lost his phone! iphone-636

30 minutes later panic over, somehow Biagio’s phone found it’s way into my handbag. Rather than going to sleep we decide to take a walk and as you can see from the photo above, Biagio was now a happy bunny!


We bump into Gordon Ramsay who was opening a  fish ‘n’ chip shop opposite our hotel. We will not be led into temptation we are going local on this trip.

Cirque du Soleil

We managed to get tickets for a show at the Mirage….. Arghhh British again but marvelous and loved it.


The main strip is chaotic and bustling with party goers and gamblers… there is a sad undertone of desperation and poverty…. but wander away from it and a magical Vegas appears. Admire the views from the Stratosphere… take a walk along Fremont Street at dusk and enjoy the ‘free’ live performances along the road. This is where Las Vegas was born in 1844 thanks to Mr John C Fremont who first settled there. Las Vegas was actually recognised in 1905.  img_1032


I had mixed feeling about Las Vegas. I thought I hated it. We got lost inside the Venetian and spent what seemed like an eternity trying to find the exit. Then got lost in Caesar’s Palace. ( our sense of direction is not something I am proud of)  Everything was just enormous… including the tipping system. But I actually really loved it…. the bright sparkling lights the super friendly locals and the lovely warm climate…… next stop the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.

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